Download Divecalc:

Read the change log here.

Unless you have purchased full license for Divecalc, you may use Divecalc under the rights of an evaluation license. The evaluation license does not allow Divecalc to be used to organise competitions, but it may be used for evaluation and for entering participation entries for other competitions. Full terms of the evaluation license are displayed during installation.

Please contact the author for details about licensing.

Divecalc XML Schema

Divecalc XML files use an open XML schema, available here (28 kB).

Divecalc Display

Divecalc Display is a simple, text based software scoreboard. Divecalc 6 has support for using Divecalc Display as a display device.

Divecalc Display requires Java 6 or newer.

Download Divecalc Display 1.4 (20 kB). Change Log.

Divecalc Translation Tool

Divecalc Translation Tool allows translating Divecalc to different languages.

To use Divecalc Translation Tool, download the file linked below, and copy it to your Divecalc installation directory. Double click on the file, and the translation can be started immediately by clicking on New Locale and entering the two letter abbreviation for the target language. The translation can be tested immediately by quitting Divecalc and starting it again: the new translation is available immediately.

Please ask for further details and assitance from Divecalc author.